Common Model of Instruction

Teachers at Yarra Hills Secondary College demonstrate the highest level of commitment to their profession through their ability to deliver curriculum that is designed to promote and encourage all students to succeed.

Underpinning the delivery of curriculum at Yarra Hills Secondary College is our ‘Common Model of Instruction’. This model, based on both theory and practice, was developed throughout 2014 and has now become embedded in the everyday teaching practice of all our staff. The Common Model of Instruction provides both staff and students with a common language in the classroom, and offers a common framework for students in their learning. Educational research tells us that one of the key factors to improving student outcomes is the effective use of feedback in the classroom – and our model facilitates this at every stage of the learning process.

The Common Model of Instruction guides students and teachers through the learning process, while still allowing for individual learning and teaching styles in the classroom. Incorporating learning tools such Learning Goals, we have developed a model that examines elements of learning under three umbrellas; ‘Know’ – that is the content that is being taught, ‘Do’ – that is the skills that are being taught and ‘Be’ – that is the dispositions in class that are expected of our students. This also connects to our Values Immersion Program and provides us with another opportunity to assist our students to demonstrate our College values. Further learning tools as part of this model include; hooks into learning, reflective feedback and a variety of engaging teaching strategies which provide the opportunity for all students to succeed.