Our Vision, Values & Goals

At Yarra Hills Secondary College, our vision is to be the school of choice for all children in our local community.

In order to do this we will provide an environment where we truly know our students and how they learn, can identify all students’ individual strengths and challenges, whilst also providing support or extension to help them achieve their best possible personal outcomes. Our students and staff will proudly engage with, promote and support the local community. We will offer a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular programs to enable our students to develop themselves and find pathways in their own areas of interest and talent.

Our College Values are:
Respect, Endeavour, Achievement and Pride.

All members of our College community will be expected to demonstrate these values in their actions and interactions. From Year 7 onwards, all of our students and parents will participate in a ‘Values Immersion Program’ which outlines and reinforces the College values, while also providing a framework through which parents can utilise these same messages in their own home. We believe that every child’s education is a partnership between the student, the family and the school. With this in mind we work closely with families to ensure we support our students together. The reinforcement of the College Values is a strong example of this.

Our College Vision Statement:

Our mission is to provide opportunities, experiences and pathways that enable all students to reach their full potential while reinforcing the importance of our College Values. Yarra Hills’ students should graduate from the school with a sense of pride, confidence and curiosity about the world around them, be respectful in their relationships, accepting of all others and aspire to be lifelong learners and positive contributors to society”.