Advanced Learning

Online Extension Programs

Yarra Hills uses the MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) learning environment as a platform to host an extensive array of curricular course content across all learning areas and year levels. Within this platform an array of online extension modules are also available to some students.

The Moodle Extension Modules are invitation only and accessible via password upon identification by the teacher of well above-standard performance in a particular learning area. Those students who have demonstrated the capacity to undertake these extension modules in a subject area will be recognised formally and invited to participate. Participation in each and any subject area is independent of that in another area, for example a student who had demonstrated exceptional performance in Maths and been invited to participate in Maths extension, may not qualify for extension in English or Humanities. Alternatively, a student who displays these traits in several areas will be granted access to all of those areas. All participation and assessment in these modules in undertaken online, with parents and students being able to access the assessment in this fashion.

At Yarra Hills we acknowledge that young adults can have many areas of strength but could also potentially find many other areas challenging. With this in mind, we do not unilaterally ‘stream’ students into extension ‘classes’ or groups, rather we specifically tailor extension (and/or support for that matter) to those who will most benefit from it. We believe this is a much more productive and beneficial approach for all students.

Our individual approach to online extension is now starting to be copied in other schools across the state. For further information regarding our extension modules and programs, please contact the relevant Key Learning Area Co-ordinator.