Location & Transport


Our Mooroolbark Campus can be accessed from the end of Reay Road and is only a short 10 to 15 minute walk from Mooroolbark Station. As well, an extensive service of buses is provided by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to transport our students to school.

PTV also provide both contract and public buses for students to travel to our Mt Evelyn Campus.  These buses travel from Warburton, Healesville, Montrose and Lilydale.

Bus Information – Frequently Asked Questions

Which bus will my child catch to get to school?

For students travelling from suburban locations (Croydon, Kilsyth etc) to either campus parents and students should visit the PTV website and use their journey planner to determine the best route to school.


Students travelling from the Yarra Valley (eg: Warburton, Healesville, Lilydale etc) can catch either a public or contract bus. Martyrs, McKenzies and Ventura are the bus companies that deliver students to Mt Evelyn Campus and in some cases continue on to our Mooroolbark Campus.   Some Mt Evelyn students may qualify for free contract bus provided they are eligible.  Students attending our Mooroolbark campus may also be able to access contract buses but there may be a cost to travel if not eligible for subsidy according to Student Transport Unit (STU) guidelines.

My child is going to attend the Mt Evelyn Campus are they eligible for free bus travel?

Mt Evelyn students are eligible for free bus travel provided the following criteria is met:

If you live more than 4.8km away and Yarra Hills, Mt Evelyn Campus IS your local school, you may be eligible for a free contract bus.

If you live more than 4.8km away and Yarra Hills, Mt Evelyn Campus is NOT your local school, you may be required to pay for a bus.

If you live closer than 4.8km from Yarra Hills, Mt Evelyn Campus and wish to catch a bus, you are required to pay for a bus.

In each of these cases, it is necessary to make an application for a seat on the bus.

Where is the bus stop where my child will catch a contract bus?

Sue Birchall (Mt Evelyn Office – 9736 3650 Monday,  Mooroolbark Office 9839-8800 Wednesday-Friday) can help identify where the bus stops exist. 

 What does it mean to pay for a bus ticket?

A yearly MYKI card needs to be purchased to be able to get a bus pass for school.  The cost of this is approximately $631 full year card.  A half yearly card can be purchased for approximately $328.  Keep in mind this MYKI card can be used 7 days a week, 365 days per year for all public transport.

What if my child is not eligible for a contract bus and needs to catch a public bus?

There are a number of public buses that travel throughout many local suburbs to Yarra Hills.  A MYKI card is required for all public travel.

More information about student travel can be found at PTV on their School Student page: https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/concessions-and-free-travel/children-and-students/school-students/

Once my child reaches year 11, how will they get transport to Mooroolbark Campus?

Buses do travel from Mt Evelyn Campus to Mooroolbark Campus.  If your child was eligible for a contract bus, they can stay on that bus and continue to Mooroolbark Campus.  If your child was not eligible for a contract bus, or was eligible but did not access this from Years 7 – 10, they will need to pay for the service in order to travel to Mooroolbark Campus.

If my child chooses to take up a VCE subject or VM in year 10, how will they be transported to the Mooroolbark Campus throughout the week?

Yarra Hills owns two mini buses and we can easily transport students throughout the school day to reach the other campus for their VCE or VM subjects. 

Any further concerns regarding buses, please contact Sue Birchall  at our Mount Evelyn Campus, on 9736 3650. 

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