Visual Arts

Yarra Hills Secondary College offers Year 7 Art and Visual Communication Design disciplines as core subjects within the Arts key learning area.

Imagination and creativity are essential to our wellbeing and are pivotal experiences for our students in the Arts at Yarra Hills Secondary College.

In their first year of secondary school, students study Art and Visual Communication Design as semester length subjects.

In broad terms, learning in the Visual Arts involves making and responding to artworks and visual communications. Students learn as artists and designers, by making artworks and visual communications that communicate to audiences.

Students also learn to write and respond to artist’s works and analyse visual communications.

At Yarra Hills, these two approaches are taught together as each depends on each other.

In Year 7 Art and Visual Communication Design we encourage interest in creative work, the use of a personalised design process to develop a range of ideas and the expression of individual ideas. Students learn to express and communicate their ideas through drawing, painting, printmaking and three-dimensional art forms in Art. Whilst in VCD they will learn to use technical drawing equipment in addition to traditional drawing, rendering and illustration work. In both subjects they use a variety of skills, processes and techniques, including ICT, to make their designs into finished artworks and visual communications that communicate their personal ideas.

Students in Year 7 will discover the “building blocks” of Art and VCD and use these to help make their own artworks and visual communications.

Regular displays of student artwork in the school community showcases student talent and helps to communicate their ideas and build on their sense of achievement. A whole school exhibition with work from both Mount Evelyn and Mooroolbark campuses, in conjunction with community groups, is planned for September this year to further develop community links and display the talent of our Yarra Hills students.