Vocational Education & Training

YHSC offers Vocational Education and Training Programs (VET) that give students practical learning opportunities in simulated settings.

The YHSC VET program (through the Yarra Valley VET Cluster and MULLUM Cluster) gives our students a wider choice of learning approaches and studies in the VCE and broadens their post-school options. VET programs are offered in Year 10, 11 and 12.

At YHSC students can undertake courses in areas such as hairdressing, beauty, hospitality, animals studies, information technology, acting, fashion, building and construction, electro technology, engineering, furniture making, horticulture and music at other schools within the local VET cluster group.

There are a number of advantages of a completing a VET course of study/Certificate:

  • students get a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Student can get credits towards further study in the future.
  • Students receive valuable experience in industry.

The units are an integral part of a student’s VCE program, providing full credit for each semester’s work of at least one unit at Certificate I, II or III, IV level. Upon successful completion, your qualification can also contribute to your VCE and most certificates contribute towards your ATAR score. Some certificates offer an examination which is held during the VCE examination period and provide a study score, while other certificates provide block credit which may be used to enhance your ATAR score. You can get more information about the VET program you are considering through the VCAA website, the Yarra Valley VET website or the Mullum Cluster website.

Additional Responsibility on VET Students

  • VET programs are equivalent to VCE standards and will require 2 years commitment.
  • Students cannot change their VET program during the year.
  • Students needs to seek their own travel arrangement to and from their VET course.
  • Some VET courses are offered outside of normal school hours.
  • Attendance and commitment in VET work is treated the same as normal school work.


For further VET information please contact our Pathways Leader:

Phone: (03) 9839 8800 or