Socials & Formals

Year 10 traditionally finishes with the College Year 10 Social. The Social is seen as a milestone in the transition to Senior Campus and marks the end of four years of schooling at the Junior Campus.

It is a special time for students from both campuses to mix socially and celebrate the end of a phase in their schooling and the beginning of another. Students eagerly look forward to this event and spend much time and effort planning. It is always a most successful evening, enjoyed by all.


Only Yarra Hills Year 10 students are permitted to attend the social. The dress code is smart casual to semi formal (NO jeans, t-shirts or sneakers).

While at the venue, students will be supervised by teachers from the College and security provided by the venue. Parents are expected to provide transport to and from the venue. No student will be permitted to leave unless accompanied by a parent or his/her nominee (and this must be in writing and signed by the legal guardian). No alcohol is permitted at the venue, and for security reasons, once inside the venue, no student will be permitted outside the reception centre unless supervised by a member of staff.


Highlights from the 2022Year 10 Social

The College holds a Year 11 Formal each year, as an opportunity for students to celebrate their movement from the Junior School through to the Senior School at Yarra Hills.

This event is organised by the student driven Year 11 Formal Committee, Year 11 Coordinator and attended by many College staff. Traditionally students go to a great deal of effort on this night, often arriving in limousines or other special vehicles and they take great pride in dressing in all of the formal finery expected of this significant event.

This is an alcohol-free event and only for students enrolled in Year 11 at Yarra Hills Secondary College.