College Awards Night

Yarra Hills Secondary College prides itself on a chance to celebrate together, the achievements of our young people. There is no better reward for a school, than sharing with its community, the achievements and talents of its students – that reinforces – in a real way – the values that we as a college work so hard to instil.

Across the year staff nominate students in a number of key areas:

For ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – where outstanding results have been achieved throughout the year.

For PARTICIPATION in school and extracurricular activities including: Student leadership, participation in assemblies and information evenings, College Production, Music, and Sport.

Students are also recognised for outstanding performances in the KEY LEARNING AREAS, PERFORMING ARTS, SPORTS, and ART SHOW.

We have been most fortunate that our community has generously supported our College over many, many years, to provide scholarships and recognition to our outstanding students.