STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

STEAM is all about preparing our students for the 21st Century.


Our world is changing rapidly as the Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics bring about some of the biggest shifts in the Australian workforce ever seen. To best prepare our students to enter the workforce of the 21st Century, we have introduced a number of STEAM-based units and activities to our college curriculum.

STEAM, sometimes referred to as STEM, is the term given to subjects that blend elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. 

Year 8:
All year 8 students investigate the role robots are having and will have in the Australian workplace and attend a full-day session at Yarra Ranges Tech School (YRTS) to work with robots. The focus of the YRTS day is the use of robots in hospitals and how they are used to help care for children.

Years 9 & 10:
A range of electives are offered with a STEAM focus including:

  • Programming with the Raspberry Pi
  • AI
  • Systems

YRTS Robotics Project

We have been involved in the formation of the Yarra Ranges Tech School and have trained staff who take our junior ICT students in year 8 to work on a number of projects including Robotics. 

For information about the STEAM program that is running at Yarra Ranges Tech School please visit

Coming soon to Yarra Hills

We are currently working on a major and exciting STEAM project due to launch in 2019. More news soon.