Student Leadership

One of the many important things we foster at Yarra Hills is the opportunity for students to exhibit and experience leadership.

Leadership can come in many forms and does not just have to be about being a College Captain or other School Leader. Leadership involves the student not only taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, but also actively trying to positively influence the actions of others. At Yarra Hills we regularly have the pleasure of seeing this in action at many levels. We have had Student Leaders proudly representing our College community at ANZAC Day commemorations, sending a strong message to the local community of our values Respect, Endeavour, Achievement and Pride. We’ve also had a large group of students attending our College Music Camp, with the older members actively leading and mentoring those new to the program in how to develop as musicians. Over each year we have many sporting events, including the College Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country carnivals, where students can lead by example in striving to achieve their personal best in challenging situations.

Aside from this, we have formal Student Leadership in College and Campus Captain positions, School Ambassadors, Sports, Instrumental Music, Performing Arts, House Captains and School Council Student Representatives.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) and School Council also provide students with opportunities to contributes to school related matters and fundraising events.

We encourage all students to aspire to leadership, in whatever form this may take within the College community.