Life Skills

Life Skills is a new program that has been developed in 2018 for students in Year 7 -10.

The Life Skills program runs for 1 period per week.

Our Life Skills program is designed to:

  • Build a positive and engaging culture around our school values
  • Focus on relationships and positive behaviours
  • Engage students in our local community
  • To prepare learners with the capabilities and qualities for success in the 21st century
  • To prepare students with the skills required for future vocational choices and pathways

It encompasses existing school priorities:

  • Careers & Pathways curriculum
  • Restorative Practices
  • Student Leadership, Voice & Agency
  • Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships
  • Organisation & Study Skills
  • Level assemblies and Celebration of success & achievement.

Each year level has an overarching theme that provides the focus to each lesson across the year:

  • Year 7 – My CommunityFocus: Getting started, settling in, the school, how school works
  • Year 8 – Who am I? Focus: Resilience, motivation & friendship
  • Year 9 – The Real WorldFocus: Challenge, Independence, Re-Focus, Re-Energise & Looking Ahead; Why am I at school?
  • Year 10 – Where to now?Focus: Where to now? Preparing for the future

Each theme centres on one school value each term:

  • Term 1- Respect
  • Term 2 – Endeavour
  • Term 3 – Achievement
  • Term 4 – Pride

There are many activities and discussions undertaken in Life Skills to engage students as well as guest speakers and occasional excursions.  The aim of each activity is to immerse students in the topics covered to build their confidence, knowledge, empathy, skills and capabilities.