Information and Communication Technology investigates the ways in which modern technologies are used in work and play.

We live in the 21st Century and Information and Communication Technologies have become a part of our everyday life. From the computers and software that give functionality to our smart phones, to the amazing network we call the Internet, new technologies challenge us to find new ways to make best use of them. 

This is a compulsory subject, one period per week, where students experience a wide range of technologies and investigate:

  • Programming
  • Multimedia creation (images, video and audio)
  • Online safety
  • Advance searching techniques
  • Game design
  • 3D graphic design
  • and more

Students work both individually and collaboratively to solve problems using technology and explore the use of blogs and other means of self-publishing.  Each student has their own Microsoft account which gives them access to their own college email as well as an extensive range of Office applications both online and on their devices. Students use of a wide range of professional software including Adobe’s Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Audition. Students also develop their creativity in applications such as Minecraft and Blender.

Several electives are offered each year for one semester each. The electives offered rotate through:

  • AI and Programing 
    In conjunction with an in depth investigation into the automation and AI revolution and the disruption it will cause society, students explore computational reasoning and learn to develop sophisticated computer programs using a range of high level languages.  
  • Digital Animation and Game Design
    Student create fantastic virtual worlds. These worlds are then populated with animated characters and artefacts developed in industry standard 3D modelling software and run on state of the art gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4.     
  • Publishing in The Virtual World
    The world of online publishing is over taking traditional media. Youtube bloggers can regularly have audiences in the millions using only a lap top and a camera. We develop relevant real world communication skills in our students. Using a range of mediums and software, in conjunction with working in HTML and CMS’s, students publish a range of original material on the world wide web. They investigate issues such as design and layout, copyright, determination of appropriate content, etc.
  • Robots and Physical Computing
    Using one of the world’s smallest computer, the Raspberry PI measuring just 8.6cm x 5.4cm x 1.7cm, students learn how to interface with and control a range of drives, actuators and motors. They learn how to set up virtual networks and to create media servers and data logging devices. Our emphasis is on the interaction of code with the outside world. This program includes the fabrication of a robot vehicle that is able to broadcast video and be driven remotely from a computer workstation.   
  • Techno Wizards 101
    In conjunction with the Mathematics elective Archimedes in Action,  this elective investigates advanced use of ICT in preparation for VCE science and maths. It covers areas such as data collection and analysis, programming and the use of the Wolfram language to solve complex problems.

Three VCE IT subjects are offered:

  • Applied Computing (Units 1 & 2)
  • Data Analytics (Units 3 & 4)
  • Software Development (Units 3 & 4).