Information and Communication Technology investigates the ways in which modern technologies are used in work and play.

Years 7 & 8

This is a compulsory subject, one period per week, where students experience a wide range of technologies and investigate:

  • Programming
  • Multimedia creation
  • Online safety
  • Advance searching techniques
  • Game design

Years 9 & 10

Several electives are offered each year for one semester each. The electives offered rotate through:

  • Television Production
    Making use of the college’s two television studios, students work through the process of design, creation and manipulation of television content.
  • Game Design

    Student use professional game design languages to investigate game design.
  • Publishing Online

    Students make use of HTML, CMS’s and blogs to publish a range of original material on the world wide web investigating issues such as design and layout, copyright, determination of appropriate content, etc.
  • Programming the Raspberry Pi
    Using one of the world’s smallest computers measuring just 8.6cm x 5.4cm x 1.7cm, students learn how to interface with and control a computer and its peripherals.
  • Digital Animation
    Students use a range of software programs to investigate and create both 2D and 3D animations along with motion capture and other effects.


Three VCE IT subjects are offered: Computing (Units 1&2); Informatics (Units 3&4); and Software Development (Units 3&4).