City Experience

As part of the Year 9 Curriculum, students are invited to participate in a City Experience program. The program runs in the final week of Term Two, running for three days.

This special program is designed to respond to the learning and social needs of our students, whilst they are navigating their way to adulthood. The City Experience challenges students’ personal and academic development and offers a wonderful opportunity for students to be youth leaders, active citizens and understand the value of ownership and responsibility as the students are immersed in “real life” learning experiences beyond their classroom.

To build responsibility and confidence, students travel on public transport to and from the city each day with increasing independence. During the City Experience week students have the opportunity to participate in structured self-exploration tasks, developed to create independence. In the past, students have enjoyed touring through some of the iconic Melbourne lanes and alleyways, exploring the difference between street art and graffiti. Many of our students are often in awe when they take in the vistas from the Eureka Skydeck and develop a clearer understanding of the size and scope of Melbourne.

The aims of the program are to:

  • Promote inquisitive and experiential learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom environment.
  • Develop higher level interpersonal and communication skills between student, their peers and their teachers
  • Offer students a stimulating and challenging learning environment
  •  Extend student engagement
  •  Develop new skills and responsibilities
  •  Promote independent learning
  •  Appreciate problems and opportunities provided by the city
  •  Provide opportunities to develop initiative and work effectively in a team
  •  Promote confidence and independence
  • Enhance social awareness
  • Promoting safe and courteous use of public transport