Performing Arts

Yarra Hills Secondary College has a strong Performing Arts Program, offering a variety of performance subjects and performance opportunities for students to be involved in.

Performing Arts not only engages the creative side of the brain, it also provides an ideal balance in students’ patterns of study. It enables students to develop their creative and expressive capacities whilst contributing to discovering their own voice, build confidence, self-esteem and develop empathy. Students gain valuable life skills such as the importance of feedback, both positive and constructive, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and communication. Through the Performing Arts, communication skills can be accelerated as students learn verbal and non-verbal techniques in new ways to deliver their message. Through study and performance, students explore and present emotions, themes and ideas.

Performing Arts is an integral part of the curriculum. Drama and Music are introduced as compulsory semester based subjects in Year 7 & 8. In Year 9 & 10, they are offered as elective subjects, as well as offering Dance and Theatre Production. In the VCE program, Yarra Hills offers VCE Drama and VCE Music Performance.

Our Instrumental Music Program provides opportunities for students to learn a wide variety of instruments and to participate in the College’s Junior, Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands, saxophone and brass ensembles and vocal choral groups. Music Camp is held each year for students who are part of the College Concert Bands. Every four years, the Senior Concert Band travel to New Zealand for a week long music tour, performing in the North Island.

With a wide range of performances each year in drama, music and an annual College concert, there is a great opportunity for students across the College to participate in school musical and cabaret productions. Yarra Hills stages a musical production every second year and on the alternate year the production is in a cabaret format. Students from all campuses combine to present a theatrical extravaganza.

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