Yarra Hills Community Art Show

About the Yarra Hills Community Art Show

The Yarra Hills Community Art Show began in 2014. At this time, the Yarra Hills Secondary College art faculty felt that it was time to let the community know about the talent of our students in a whole of school exhibition. The idea for a community art show began through a partnership between Yarra Hills Secondary College and the Rotary Club of Lilydale – working together to create an art show that brought together the work of students and local community artists.

The Yarra Hills Community Art Show has grown enormously in the six years it has been running. 

Local businesses will sponsor a range of awards, and these will be presented to category winners on the opening night of the art show. This is another way that this exhibition creates links within the wider school community and supports the talents of our students.

2023 Art Show collection. Amazing talent and a fabulous amount of work goes into making this all happen.