Design, Creativity & Technology

Yarra Hills Secondary College offers Year 7 students a range of subjects within the Design, Creativity and Technology key learning area.

This learning area emphasises student engagement through designing, creating, making and evaluating a range of products.

Students are encouraged to investigate, design and produce their own individual and creative solutions to set tasks.

Yarra Hills Year 7 students are involved in problem solving, design processes, information gathering, experimentation and investigation. The aim is to develop a range of design technology skills. Various tools, equipment, materials/ingredients and system components are used to make quality functional products once the design process has been undertaken.

This learning area focuses on the development of student skills in managing and manipulating materials and resources. In Year 7, students undertake core studies in Food and Textile Design Technology subjects. At Year 8, students further their studies in Technology by also undertaking material studies in Food and Wood.

Students also study safe working procedures in all Technology classes. They then put this safety knowledge in to practice when working in the purpose built and well equipped Technology classrooms at Yarra Hills Secondary College.