Television Studios

In 2008 the college received a Federal grant for Science and our science teachers were challenged to think big – to think outside of the box – on how to best make use of the funding.

The result was the creation of two television studios, one on each campus. Based around the Tricaster television production servers, the college now has professional quality recording studios allowing our students to let their imagination run free.

Our first major production was the creation of a bushfire safety infomercial for the CFA and Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Backed by the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of video editing software students can experiment with chromakey, virtual sets and special effects. The Television Production elective at years 9 and 10 investigates the full range of processes involved in producing a television program whilst other learning areas are able to make use of the studios in producing student presentations on a diverse range of topics from productions of Macbeth in English classes to travelogues of Melbourne in Humanities.

Further information:
Thinking Outside the Box – Education Technology Solutions (August 15 2012)