Having Fun at School

Yarra Hills Secondary College offers a variety of additional activities or interest groups for students across both campuses. This includes several clubs that take part in activities outside of regular school class times.

Current Clubs/Groups include:

RC Remote Control Club

The remote control club meets after school and enjoys a range of activities related to RC Cars and Drones


Chess Club

The Chess club meets at lunchtimes and participates in social and competitive Chess games.


Reptile Club

The College has a large collection of reptiles and amphibians on both campuses, including snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, tree frogs and turtles. Students are encouraged to be involved in the care, feeding and handling of these under staff supervision.


Inline Hockey

Students are coached at lunchtimes in the skills and strategies of inline hockey.



The college is always open to starting a new interest group where enough students have a common need.