iPad Program

Computers have become an important and positive influence in the teaching and learning process. In 2013 the College implemented ‘iPad based curriculum’ at year 7 level, which then progressed through to Years 7, 8 & 9 from 2015. Years 10 – 12 have since also moved into our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Through the use of iPads, students will have access to an ‘always on’ device which will replace the need for many text books, provide ready access to online resources and build new ways of learning which will improve educational outcomes.

The iPad brings many benefits for your child including:

  • Access to the internet in any class
  • A tool that allows your child to create original multimedia material – the highest of all learning skills
  • A means of working collaboratively not only with students in your child’s class but with students around the world

The pages in this section of the web site will hopefully answer your questions about our iPad program. If you would like to discuss it further, please feel free to contact the College Principal Darren Trippett or the Director of Teaching & Learning – Steve Blackwell 

In the past, the College iPad program has been offered via a third party company, however experience has lead us to establish that many (most) parents were able to get a better deal through any one of a variety of iPad sellers (Apple, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Kogan, Target etc).

With this in mind, we would like to provide the following guidelines for an appropriate iPad device that is compatible with and can be supported on our College network.

iPad Minimum Requirements:

  • Apple iPad Air (or later) / iPad mini 2 (or later).
  • Apple no longer provide software support for iPads older that those listed above.
  • WiFi only.
  • Minimum 32Gb (If used solely for education, 32Gb is sufficient, however extra music & games will require additional memory)
  • Protective cover – this should protect the corners of the device as well as the screen.
  • Screen protector – this prevents scratching of the screen and can help prevent screen cracking.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that accidental damage cover is obtained. Insurance may be available under your existing home and contents cover.

Please contact your insurer for details. You should consider the Apple Care+ product as a minimum. Specialised theft and accidental damage insurance is also available from a number of insurance providers.

Our Year 7 parents for 2018 have been sent (optional) iPad purchase information, the web portal link and login details are as follows:

Portal Address: https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod

Parent Login/School Code: yhsc2018

The iPad provides your child with access to a world of information and the ability to be involved in creating their own content and sharing it via the world wide web. To help us maintain a safe environment for your child to work in the college has an iPad code of conduct in addition to the Acceptable User Policy of the college.

  1. Students must bring the device to school each day and ensure they bring it to class charged.
  2. Students must have the required apps installed and maintain enough storage space for school related files.
  3. Students must not loan their device to others or leave it in any place where it may be easily stolen.
  4. The College ICT and Teaching Staff retain the right to collect and/or inspect the device at any time and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware.
  5. The College retains the right to monitor all student activity on their device.
  6. Students must inform the teacher or others when using the camera and audio recording functions and are reminded that they must not publish photographs to any online network without teacher permission.
  7. Students must not provide their personal information to anyone over the Internet.
  8. Students must not use their device in a way that causes hurt to another student.
  9. Students must not share their passwords with anyone.

Note: Prices correct as of May 11 2018

Office Suite (free)

Garage Band (free)

Flipboard (free)

WordPress (free)

Adobe (free)

ArtRage $7.99

GeoBoard (free)

Measure Your Land (free)

Google Earth (free)

iMovie (free)

Desmos (free)

Explain Everything $14.99

AutoDesk (free)

GeoGebra (free)

Probability Toolkit $2.99

Home Design 3D (free)

Doodle Buddy (free)

Please take the time to read through our FAQ on the iPad program. If you cannot find an answer to your question here or on the other iPad pages please contact the college.

What if we already have an iPad?
If you already have an iPad at home you may wish to make this available for your child to use. As long as it meets the minimum requirements (see What to Get) and has the required apps (see Required Apps) it can be used.

Can I get tax concessions if I purchase an iPad?
You might be eligible for a tax rebate if you are eligible to claim the Family Tax Assistance Part A. More details can be found at http://www.assistance.act.gov.au/child/money/education_tax_refund

Can I purchase an iPad with a 3G/4G card?
The college prefers the devices to have wi-fi only. If your child’s device has 3G or 4G access then the college can not accept responsibility for monitoring internet access.

Do I have to purchase apps for the device?
A list of required apps is posted on this site. This is a list of the apps we will be making use of and that we expect your child to have access to.

Will my child’s internet activity be monitored?
Yes, the college filters and monitors all internet activity that occurs via the college wi-fi and network. When at home it is the responsibility of you to monitor your child’s use of the iPad. The college can not accept any responsibility for the actions of your child when they are outside of the school. As a parent you can enable certain restrictions on your child’s device. More details can be obtained from http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213?viewlocale=US&locale=en_US

Will I need to set up an iTunes account with a credit card?
Whilst you will need to set up an iTunes account for your child, (we recommend an account specifically for this device rather than a shared family account) it should be set up with the payment option set to none (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2534). Payments for apps can be made using an iTunes Card available from your local supermarket.