In the Media

Voice of Yarra Hills

Welcome to the Voice of Yarra Hills, our first online radio station. We will be broadcasting test programs over the next few months as we develop our student programs.

Using Sam Broadcaster Pro, our station is state of the art allowing our students and staff to broadcast a range of high quality programs.

Please click the play button below to listen to a test of our system and come back often to watch and listen to our progress.

TV Studio

For years, educators have criticised television as a passive pastime that reduces student creativity and participation. Now students at Yarra Hills Secondary College have the opportunity to harness the technology they have grown up with and become active users. Rather than television narrowing student focus to a small, passive window, we are using that same technology to widen student outlook and provide an engaging curriculum. This is our story.

In 2008 we set up our first television studio on what was then the Cambridge Road campus. In 2011 a second studio was created on the Mt Evelyn Campus and in 2013 our Cambridge campus was damaged by fire resulting in the loss of our studio. In early 2014 a replacement studio was created on the new Mooroolbark Campus.

Based around the TriCaster Studio (at Mt Evelyn) and the Tricaster 410 (at Mooroolbark), students have access to professional level television production. In 2013 we introduced Television Production as a year 9 and 10 elective offering students a glimpse into the world of program creation with an ICT flavour.

Please click here to visit our external TV Studio site.

Social Media

Yarra Hills acknowledges the importance of Social Media in the transmission of information in today’s society. With this in mind, Yarra Hills Secondary College has a dedicated Facebook site and Twitter feed where we are able to acknowledge student excellence and performance, as well as informing the community of upcoming events and emergency notifications.

We endeavour to keep these relevant and accurate and regularly monitor the content in place. Please feel free to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ our social media sites. Normal rules regarding appropriate content and communication apply.