2016 Yarra Hills Community art Show

Yarra Hills Community art Show
9th – 11th September
Open to the community.

Entry Form available here.

Conditions of Entry


  • The art show is open to all artists. Please note that we accept only limited work from current primary or high-school students.
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure all work offered for exhibition meets all conditions of entry.


  •  Work must be original and recent of the artist.
  • Photographs and digital reproduction prints are accepted but limited to a single section of the show.
  • Prints including Etchings, Linocuts, Lithographs, Screenprints and Woodcuts with Editions no greater than FIVE will be accepted.
  • Work must remain on show for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Work to be available for sale unless a Not For Sale request has been agreed to by the organisers.
  • Work should not have been exhibited at the Art Show in previous years.
  • Each artist can submit up to five works.
  • All measurements must include the framing.
  • No artworks with any one side in excess of 1.5 metres will be accepted.
  • Small works up to .09m2 must measure no greater that 30cm on any side including the framing.


  • $10.00 per exhibit or
  • Small works under 30cm x 30cm can be SOLD AS A PAIR, if they have been conceived as and are a clearly linked pair and can be treated as a single entry with a single entry fee of $15
  • The entry form can be submitted online using the entry form or submitted by e-mail. Cheques: make payable to Yarra Hills Secondary College or cash payment is required when art works are delivered for exhibition.

Reference ARTSHOW and YOUR NAME with all payments.

The entry fee for any work entered but not displayed will be refunded.


  • The Exhibition Committee will not be responsible for any difference in the price shown on the entry form and a price shown elsewhere on an artwork.
  • If there is a difference between the price shown on the entry form and a price shown elsewhere on the exhibit, the work may be sold at the lower price.


  • All pricing should be GST inclusive.


  • There is a 20% commission on all sales to go to the Lilydale Rotary Club for their community projects.


  • Artwork must be suitably framed or finished to a professional standard, ready for hanging, with screw eyes or ‘D’ rings affixed approximately one third from the top of the frame and with hanging wire or cord strung at least 10cms below the top of the frame. Unsuitably framed work and wet work will NOT be hung.
  • Artwork offered for exhibition must have the artist’s name, title of the artwork, the medium and price marked clearly on a label affixed to the back of the work or where appropriate for three-dimensional work.
  • Work offered for exhibition must be signed on the front of the artwork by the artist or appropriately labelled in the case of three dimensional works.
  • Works offered for exhibition should be listed in order of preference for display. If space is exhausted, the available space will be afforded to works from the order of preference as specified on the entry form.
  • Preference to display any artwork may be given when a photograph of that artwork has been uploaded to Art Show website.
  • The Exhibition Committee reserves the right not to exhibit any work that it deems inappropriate.


  • Artists are requested to submit and upload digital photographs of each of their entries by the closing date. Add as an attachment to an email and forward to yarrahillscommunityartshow@gmail.com
  • The Exhibition Committee cannot guarantee that images will be displayed on the website if they are not in the prescribed format or are of poor quality.
  • Photographs displayed on the website will be image protected and will be on continuing display.


  • Artists are requested to provide a Biography or Artist Profile, which will be displayed during the Art Show.
  • Biographic information may be used in whole or part in the promotion and advertising of the Art Show.
  • By entering artwork and submitting the signed Entry Form, you hereby permit the Exhibition Committee to use your name, biography, photographic images uploaded to the website, and/or general photographs taken during the setup and throughout the show for the publication of a catalogue and for purposes of promotion and advertising of the Art Show in any media.
  • Artists maybe be contacted by media or other organisations in order to promote and advertise the Art show.


  • The Yarra Hills Community Art Show retains personal information of the artist as supplied on the entry form, which will be used during the planning and running of the show. The only personal information made available to the public is the artist name and biography which may include website or email contact if included by the artist.


  • Prizes will be awarded in nominated categories as advised. Prize winners are selected by an independent and experienced judge appointed by the Exhibition Committee.


  • The Yarra Hills Community Art Show personnel and the Exhibition Committee will exercise all reasonable care, but will accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of artworks offered for exhibition. If you have any concerns, please make your own arrangements regarding coverage.

Delivery of art work

DELIVERY to Yarra Hills Secondary College Mt Evelyn Campus will be accepted from one week prior to: 3.00 pm on Tuesday 6th September

COLLECTION of art works from Yarra Hills Secondary College Mt Evelyn Campus: 3.30pm – 5.00pm Sunday, 11th September. Any artworks not collected by this time will not be covered by insurance. The committee or any member of the committee of the Yarra Hills Community Art Show will not be responsible for work not collected at this time.