Bring Your Own Device

Yarra Hills Secondary College will be running a ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) program for Year 10-12 students as of 2015.

As a school we are in the business of educating our students, it is imperative that we support and recommend devices that are easy to use and have the appropriate hardware and software specifications to allow our students to learn effectively.

Yarra Hills SC has teamed up with JB Hi-Fi – JB Education to provide 2 recommended devices for student use. The reason that we are strongly recommending for parents to purchase one of these devices is that they have been tested, are compatible with our network and are a good balance between cost and performance.

All of the recommended devices come with 3 year hardware warranty and have the option of ‘accident protection insurance’. The importance of these can’t be stressed enough as in previous experience we have found damage to be quite high with adolescent students.

For our staff to effectively teach the students we endeavor to have as many ‘like’ devices as possible and preferably with the same operating system.

From previous experience, learning and engagement is adversely impacted when students have varying operating systems and don’t have the capacity to run the software required.

The recommended devices will have access to the following resources whilst on campus:

  • Internet Access
  • Moodle Access
  • Printing
  • Network Drives
  • Office 365

Yarra Hills will be providing students who purchase the recommended devices with access to a ‘self healing system’ where students can re-image (restore Windows back to our factory image state – this is a destructive change and all data will be lost) to assist in getting their device back online as quickly as possible should there be any software/virus issues. These facilities will not be available for ‘non’ recommended devices.

As this is a BYOD program we will allow parents/students who feel that the devices we recommend aren’t suitable or who have special needs to choose/bring a different ‘non’ recommended device.

The ICT team will support ‘non’ recommended devices with connection to our network ONLY. Operating system, software and/or hardware troubleshooting facilities/support will NOT be provided on ‘non’ recommended devices.

In the case of a ‘non’ recommended device we have minimum specifications that must be met to be allowed on the network. Any device that is ‘non’ recommended will only have access to the following resources whilst on campus:

  • Internet Access
  • Moodle Access
  • Office 365

The minimum hardware/software specifications we require are as follows:

  • Screen Size: 10″
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Processor: Intel/AMD, 2 Core 1.83Ghz+
  • Hard Disk: 128GB
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB
  • Keyboard Required: YES
  • Webcam Required: YES
  • Audio Required: YES
  • Wireless Required: YES
  • 3G Networking Required: NO
  • Operating systems:
    • Windows 7 or above: YES
    • OSX 10.6 or above: YES
    • iOS or Android: NO

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please email:

Recommended Software List

When a device is purchased from the JB HiFi portal as part of the YHSC BYOD 2017 program the device will be ‘imaged’ with the eduSTAR V6 Windows 10 64Bit image. This image will have some customisations to suit the school, however for the most part it comes as a standard build from the eduSTAR team.

The eduSTAR V6 Windows image includes the software listed below. The software list is fairly comprehensive and is designed to meet students\staff requirements across all subjects.

For any families that chose not to purchase a recommended device we would ask that they make an effort over the Christmas break to load software to suit their son\daughter’s subject choices from the list below .

*** Please note that under the DEECD\Microsoft License agreement Yarra Hills Secondary College can provide a KMS activated (DEECD server activated) copy of Microsoft Office that can be installed on your son\daughter’s device. Download details for this software will be distributed soon.

This copy of Microsoft Office activates against DEECD servers – if your son\daughter exits\leaves school we require them to remove this software ASAP. Failure to do so will mean that a certain period of time this software will fail to work ***

Microsoft Office Microsoft Access 2013
Microsoft Excel 2013
Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2013
Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2013
Microsoft Lync 2013
Microsoft OneNote 2013
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft Project 2013
Microsoft Publisher 2013
Microsoft Visio 2013
Microsoft Word 2013
Arts and Graphics
SketchUp Pro
Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008
Photo Story for Windows
Tux Paint
Audio and Visual Adobe Premiere Elements —- This is included in our image but is not for standalone installs.
Debut Video Capture Software
DVD Flick
Finale Notepad
Pivot Stickfigure Animator
QuickTime Player
Songsmith (Academic Edition)
Tux Guitar
VLC media player
Wax 2.0
Windows Live Movie Maker
ICT and Programming
Adobe Reader
Game Maker
Microsoft LCDS
Microsoft Kodu Game Lab
Literacy Tux Typing
Tux word Smith
Maths Genius Maker
Math Worksheet Generator
Wolfram Mathematica Player
Microsoft Mathematics
Microsoft Windows Logo
Tux of Math Command
Ksoft Graphmatica
Wolfram Mathmatica
Science Lego Digital Designer
Thinking Encarta Dictionaries
Utilities Learning Essentials for Office
Chemistry Add-on for Word
Lame for Audacity
USB Drive Letter Manager
Shark Win8 Codecs
Microsoft Interactive Classroom
Microsoft pptPlex AddOn
Silverlight PivotViewer

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for Years 10-12 students involves the endorsement of a small selection of devices, at various price points, which we have tested to be compatible with the school network. These devices are made available to parents, (including pre-installed educational software) through JB Hi-Fi Education Division, with products, support and delivery backed through the JB Hi-Fi network of stores.

Purchase Online via the Web Portal

Portal address:
Parent Login/School Code: yhsc2017

Parents are now able to use this portal to access the available devices, select preferred device specifications, as well as to choose from a range of insurance options and payment methods, including upfront or via instalments.